Saturday, March 1, 2008

Blogger Bugs

I find it so frustrating when I go to make a post and
all seems well..
then somewhere between making the post and
returning, pictures go missing!
I'm still figuring out how this all works most of the time,
so for me to 'fix it' takes quite the effort.
The previous post did get fixed but not without me
spending a considerable amount of time trying to do so.

Does anyone else have these issues or am I that blogger-challenged?!


Warren said...

**cough** buy a mac **cough** ;)

The Thiessens said...

LOL...ok, so you think it's my computer?! We will definitely buy a Mac next time - no doubt about it!!


I've experienced some small glitches, mostly with the words being arranaged or sized differently than what I had typed. Also I have trouble uploading videos - they can't be too long. I think one time I had trouble with pics disappearing.

Speaking of your previous post, just wanted to say, Rowan is such a cutie. Looks like being a Grandma is very special. The cookies look yummy too. :)


Lovella said...

Thank you for your anniversary wishes to us. ..

Oh we all have those blogging frustrations from time to time but I have no idea why. When I do have a problem I generally go check in the "known issues" in the dashboard to see if others are having the same trouble.
Often I find that I'm not alone and it is something that they need to fix.

Oh and I don't have a mac.

Mark said...

**cough** buy a mac **cough** ;)

That's awesome Warren.

Anyway, I share your frustration with Blogger. I don't usually have a problem with pictures but I do with fonts and line spacing. Whenever I put a quotation in, it messes up all the text afterward. It drives me nuts!

Great blog by the way!

anita said...

happens here too...but i'm done blogging for awhile now...

nice to keep up w/ you guys this way though! :)

The Thiessens said...

Thanks guys for the advice...and text gets messed up too..doing a post isn't always a simple thing.
I do think the Macs have something going there tho
Anita ~ WHAT!? you are so good at blogging!