Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wicked week!

I hope not too many of you have been hit with this crazy flu bug that's going around. So far several of our family members have had one form of it or another...cold symptoms, fever, aches, laryngitis, back pain, neck pain...not fun!! Even some of the little ones fell prey.

I've got a big pot of chicken noodle soup on and looks like it may not go far enough.

I had planned to get lots done today ~ I guess there's always next week....seems like I've been having to say that for one reason or another for a while now. Les' back is just not good and of course his arm is still painful from the fall he took a couple of weeks ago. We're supposed to be cleaning the church today as well. I guess I should be happy just feeling better than most of my family!

Good news though, it looks like our plumbing fixtures are on their way so hopefully we can have our bathroom back in the next few weeks!! Oh right, I just said Les' back and arm aren't good - nevermind. Volunteers anyone?



Sorry to hear about your rough week. Melissa had the 24-hr flu on Monday - took her a few days to recover. Hope things get back to normal for you soon with everyone healthy and able.


Evi said...

We've had the '6 week flu' around these parts...NO FUN!
So...I have linked here before too from Stacey's blog...just the other day in fact, and linked over to your FANTASTIC recipe for pretzels (I must try them SOON).
My husband Tim and I know Keith and Stacey from Mennville.
So nice to meet you here.