Friday, August 29, 2008

What's going on?

There's definitely something going it me? or my computer? ...WHAT?
Somehow I've (or someone else?) managed to erase all my bookmarks!!
And I wasn't trying to empathize with Stacey either.

You gotta understand I probably had in excess of a hundred (my son would say more) bookmarks, all marked and categorized for future reference...
..sites with fabulous recipes,
home reno pages,
wonderful sites I go to for encouragement and uplifting, friends blogs,

gardening sites...Oh I'll miss that one!!...and the list goes on.
Some days I get so frustrated that I don't know more about these
"metal boxes".
Honestly, I know I'd know if a prompt came up
and said,
"Are you sure you want to delete all your bookmarks?"
Anyone else experience this?...maybe there's some sinister internal
program on this
computer that says....'let's hide all the bookmarks
once they look too organized'

Well, there's no time now to try to fix I guess I'll be starting from scratch.

Oh, and there's one more thing...why is it when I think I've got a
post ready and then go to post's all re-spaced?
Can anyone tell me how to fix the margins
so that the way the post looks whilst I'm typing is the way
it actually comes out in the end??

In the meantime....we are painting....wish me luck!

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