Thursday, February 19, 2009

Make mine chocolate!

Well...I thought if nothing else, I could post about the wonderful
chocolate dessert I made for Valentine's dinner.
Yes, we stayed home since I wasn't up to much....
but also, everything was booked here in our little city!
I had planned all along to make a nice candlelight dinner
for the three of us - but alas, my man tried once more to see if
he could take me out...
somehow incessant coughing fits and 'romantic dinner out'
don't go well together.
So...we whipped up some Indian butter chicken and brown rice,
some herbed bread and salad - it was wonderful....
but the best part was... these...

Individual German chocolate cakes

They were delicious and I will definitely make them again.
They look like a bit of work, but really not at all - well worth any effort!
I found the recipe a while back on a website for flour....
at the moment, the name escapes me...
but the recipe doesn't - I'll post it in the kitchen !

Oh, another bonus...they taste even better on day two...
I won't tell you how many I ate!


Lovella said...

Oh Sara, these look just wonderful. . .sometimes it is just the idea of how to plate a yummy thing that is priceless.
I hope you are nearly better. . .I've heard this cold hangs on forever.

Anonymous said...

Now those look delectable! You should be a food photographer, Sara. Hope you are on the mend...colds can be so annoying.


charlotte said...

thankyou for your comment on my is nice to have someone from my neck of the woods stop in ;-)
i have read you recent posts and it is no wonder that you have "crashed".
i agree sometimes we just need something like our body to shut down in order for us to stop and listen!
i am sorry for the loss of your father....we are waiting for our dear mother to arrice afely in the arms of Jesus as well.....and your liitle unborn grandbabies, are safe there too.
i hope that you recover with a renewed strength and vitality.

charlotte said...

oh the dessert looks absolutely fantastic!
mennonite girls can cook worthy that is for sure.
glad you posted it in your kitchen!