Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New wheels and memories

It seems the time has finally come to say farewell to our minivan... it just up and quit on us...well, actually the transmission 'broke'...and it's getting too old for any more surgery! We had been thinking it was time for something more suitable since we usually aren't transporting a large family any more. I've enjoyed our old minivan...it was roomy and comfortable and got us (and others) to where we needed to go for the last 9 years, including a number of longer trips...not to mention being used as a 'cargo' van moving people, bikes (can't forget Howardville), sound systems, and drums hither and yon. It could always be counted on.

Howardville (click on picture for larger view)

We may have a little difficulty agreeing on what our next wheels should look like... I've quite enjoyed the higher ride and never worrying if there'd be enough room for passengers and 'stuff'. Hubby, on the other hand, is thinking he'd like to have a car. Oh no... Sonshine just came to mind... how could we possibly do Sonshine again without a van! We're tenters, people...that means hauling a lot of camping stuff! Then again, maybe we're getting too old for the whole tenting scene (sigh) - fun, but a lot of work!

So, any good suggestions out there for us? The scary thing is, we just licensed our old family car...I mean OLD... Pontiac Parisienne for our son to get around with. It left our driveway for a few years while our oldest enjoyed it...but somehow found it's way back to our yard when he needed something better :) It's banged up, rusty, and falling apart ...but loved (by some)! I, on the other hand, would rather not be seen in it, but for now we'll have to get around somehow whilst on our search.

So, if you see a BIG red boat sailing down the road with a little
lady in it (seemingly little as she crouches down low - actually the seats are practically on the ground!)...be sure to wave! I'm just making a few more memories!!


sheila said...

Back to the Parisienne! What's Dustin going to drive?
What about a nice extended cab truck. That way you could still haul all your camping gear when you go camping. I'm saying this 'cause I'm very partial to trucks! Perhaps a car would be more practical though for you city folks! A new crossover maybe?
That way you still get allwheel drive. I really miss my allwheel drive.


I know nothing about cars. But the best of luck on your search -- it's always exciting getting new things! I used to drive my parents' boat when I was in high school -- I think it was a Chevy something-or-other. Those big cars are so weird to drive, but they get you where you need to go which I guess is all that matters :)

By the way I like all the colorful pics of tulips at the top of your blog ... makes me long for spring.


Bruce and Heather said...

aww, I think deep down you really love that old car:)

sheila said...

So how's the "honda" shopping going? Oops, I meant to say car shopping. ;)

The Thiessens said...

Not sure Sheila...we've taken one Honda for a drive and loved it... don't know if there'll be anything to measure up to it now.