Friday, March 27, 2009


Wanting somehow to express my love for my mom on this special day, a Mom who was always giving... I started writing a poem, but soon realized...I'm not a poet (at least not without spending a ridiculous amount of time trying :)

So...I called my sister who seems to be able to do so with little effort. I read to her the few words that I came up with and literally within one minute she put these words together...

Today is to honour A Lady of Faith
our Mother, Caregiver, and Hostess with grace

Your arms always wide open and not only for us,
but all those who came knocking in need of your touch

Whether a cup of coffee or a place to lay their head
no one was ever turned away from your homestead

You're the most generous person we all know
time has not changed you as the years did unfold

Today is your birthday to this we attest
With God as your stronghold, may you be richly blessed

Thanks for not giving up when the hard times did come
Your more than a number (79) You are the best MOM!

So, thanks Susanne for helping me with my thoughts. I know these few words hardly do justice to the woman who did the best she could with a family of 12... and then a few more...

Hope you have a precious birthday, Mom...and though Dad can't be here to celebrate with us, he's got the angels singing for you today!!

We love you,