Monday, March 2, 2009

Motivated Monday?

Not sure where to start today...there's so much I'd like to do, and
since I don't have wheels yet and it's too cold to walk anywhere...
well, you get the picture.

Every year I declare March 1st the launch date for spring cleaning....
however, it doesn't always happen that way!

I don't know why it's so difficult to tackle certain projects. Problem
is.... when I'm motivated.... I usually come up with an unrealistic list
of things to do. Today I'd like to bake AND begin spring cleaning.
In reality, I should know that just tackling my (our) bedroom closet
could potentially take the entire day! Maybe it's my way of avoiding
the undesirable once again! (I actually took a picture of my closet
and found it sure doesn't look that bad on film... so, didn't post it.)

But...the sun is shining and I feel like giving it my best shot. I usually
don't wake up feeling rested so it takes me a while to get started in
my day...but I'm determined today.

So, if you're walkin' by and hear the walls rattling, don't worry....
I've got the music cranked up good and loud and ... stuff is gonna fly!

So, what's your secret to sticking to it 'til it's done?


Anonymous said...

my secret ... avoid everything else, even cooking meals (or just make simple stuff like hot dogs)... until you're done!

I don't spring clean per say, but occasionally have other projects I create for myself.


Anonymous said...

I'm determined to get at least the main floor done this year. I've already completed the living room, half way done the dining room, and have plans for that "ever-so-dreaded" kitchen. I've warned the boys that their rooms had to be cleaned over spring break..... have to put on my "bossy boots" for that one.

Monika Thiessen said...

Hi Sara. No advice on how to stay motivated. I usually start with gusto and then never seem to quite finish what I had all intended to get done.
Car shopping is fun. I agree with you about being up high in a van. I really miss that. But I do like having a smaller vehicle to get around in. Parking is so much easier.