Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Forgot one special little boy on the June Birthday Calendar - Mackenzie turned 6 on the16th!! I hear you had a fun birthday.

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Sorry to anyone who tried to comment on the last post - for some reason blogger decided not to allow any comments. When I checked the settings they're still all fine so here's hoping it was a fluke.

Been a long week already. I've been busy painting for a lady who called and asked if I would paint her apartment. I've done a lot of painting for others, but this was a first being called by a stranger. I agreed to do the job and spent the first afternoon working by myself. It was a little overwhelming with the many nooks and crannies, etc., to paint around, so I quickly enlisted some help. Aren't most things more enjoyable when shared with a friend?
All day I was thinking of Liane knowing she had a prenatal appointment today. Of course I couldn't call while I was painting (obviously I wasn't working at the clinic today), and then we had Bible Study at our house in the evening, so I rushed home to get supper on and then quickly clean up before everyone arrived. Thankfully Warren and Liane dropped by just as we were sitting down for a snack and I could finally ask her how things went. You can read all about it on their blog. Definitely keep them in your prayers.
where has the time gone? Heather is now entering her last week of pregnancy (at least if baby decides to come on time). I get so excited every time I think about our next grandchild arriving in possibly a few days. Can't wait to hold him/her and I wonder how Rowan will react to having a little cousin. Good thing Nana and Papa have lots more hugs to share and plenty more room in our hearts :)

Rowan - 2 days old

Proud Grandpa - who'd have thought
it would be this good?

Oh yes, and it's my Dad's birthday today, but with all the busyness I haven't had time to visit him. He's in the hospital recovering from an acute flare-up of COPD and infections in his leg. Hopefully we'll get to the hospital tomorrow. Happy Birthday Dad - hope you're feeling MUCH better!!
AND MORE BIRTHDAYS....don't want to forget our nieces and nephew - check out Sonja, Melissa and Jordan who all have birthdays this week - talk about celebrating as a family :) Hope you guys have WAY TOO MUCH FUN as a family this week!!! Miss you all. HAPPY BIRTHDAYS TO YOU!!!
JUNE is crazy with extended family birthdays - almost as bad as December for our family. To the rest of you, hope you have/had a super day (Austin, Nathan, Tyler, Henry, Madeline, Jolene, Scott, Ken and Desiree) YIKES...that does not include anniversaries!


Stacey said...

So I get to leave the first comment!! Isn't it so hard to just wait and see who the next little grand baby will be!! I just can't wait to be an auntie FINALLY!!

sheila said...

YOu missed somebody else's birthday and now I'm sad :(

The Thiessens said...

Oh My...did I miss Mackenzie?! Sure enough, I did!!! I'm sorry - he is on our calendar, just missed it amongst so many names.
Mac, do you forgive me? Please!
Auntie Sara

Brenda T said...

Thanks for thinking of us!! We're just in the middle of a Birthday party marathon. Melissa had 9 girls here for her party yesterday (Thursday). Tonight Sonja is having some friends over for her Birthday and tomorrow afternoon Jordan is having 6 friends over for his Birthday. Guess what .. they're all having pool parties -- horray!! Thankfully we're having great weather -- high 20's to 30 degrees Celsius.

The Thiessens said...

Yay for the pool parties - wish I could have had one of those :)
The weather sounds perfect for that!