Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Let's Just Keep Busy...

Yes...indeed. Trying to occupy my mind with things other than just thinking about Heather and when this little munshkin will decide to come. I'm glad she is still feeling well and I'm sure we'll get that phone call when we least expect it. This week would be nice though, Heather :)
So nice to have our Manitoba summer weather back!!! It's been crazy with thunderstorms, etc., although our new grass definitely enjoyed the humidity.
I'm taking advantage of this glorious day - the housework can wait! Today I'll be pruning & propogating some shrubs and moving a few things around in the garden....oh yes, and getting at those weeds that thought they were home-free since we haven't been able to get close to them with all the rain. Gotta keep busy...right.
Anyone got a good idea for garden paths? I have a large garden and want to have some winding paths going through it to enjoy all the beautiful plants & flowers. So far the paths are just dirt which makes it tough to enjoy the garden when it rains.
Alright, I better go finish what I started - this day won't be long enough, I can tell ;)
Go outside and enjoy the day :)



Margarita said...

Oh, i'd go outside if I could, but instead i'm stuck in the office. My flower 'garden' for lack of a better word- is basically just green with weeds and the odd color of a flower peeking, i can't decide to rescue it or just give up, it's the 1st full summer i'm in there and it needs a lot of work :)

anita said...

Mulch is a great and inexpensive way to put paths in the garden. You can get it free in Morden. :) But I'm sure that Wolfe Enterprises has other options too! ;)

Ellen said...

Personally I like the concrete stepping stones.. altho I suppose it can get expensive after a while :) but the other day in church one of the ladies was describing how she made her own stepping stones - they looked really nice.. if you have the time, they were made with ready mix concrete (DIY) and her form was a large rhubarb leaf - like I said very nice, but it would be time consuming too!

The Thiessens said...

Margarita~ If I had time I'd love to help rescue those flowers. Does your mom like gardening?

Anita~ I was thinking of mulch - and yes, we can get that free here too. Need to have an edge to contain it then, which is where the cost comes I guess.

Ellen~ I've made the rhubarb stepping stones - they are really cool, but if you haven't seen my garden...it would take an awful lot of them :)
Hope you're doing alright with your pregnancy!